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SKIF Shogo Fellowship

SHOGO is a title system set up by the Dai-Nippon Butoku-Kai (Greater Japan Budo Encouragement Federation) established in Kyoto in 1895.

Shogo Ranks

RENSHI (練 士)
Over 2 years after the 5th Dan Registration and exceeding the age of 35 years old

KYOSHI (教 士)
Over 5 years after Renshi registration, or 7th Dan and above and exceeding the age of 48 years old

HANSHI (範 士)
Over 10 years after Kyoshi registration, or 8th Dan and above and exceeding the age of 58 years old

How to apply for a Shogo fellowship? 

If you wish to apply for an SHOGO fellowship, you must contact SKIF GHQ directly by email and they will advise you of the current application procedure.


Upcoming Events

SKIF Italy - Shihan Soshi Miura Masaru
Start Date: 23 May 2023
Shihan Soshi Miura Masaru will hold a seminar on 26 May 2023 and the SKIF Italy International Cup Trophy of the Nations in Memory of Giampietro Grosselle Sensei 8 Dan SKIF on 27-28 May 2023 in the Tuscany Region.
Country: Italy Italy
SKIF Switzerland - Sensei Hiyori Kanazawa and Hanshi Rikuta Koga and Sensei Eugen Landgraf and Sensei Toni Racca
Start Date: 02 Dec 2022
The SKIF Switzerland Winter Course 2022 will take place on December 2-4, 2022 with Special Guest Instructor Sensei Hiyori Kanazawa, Hanshi Rikuta Koga, Sensei Eugen Landgraf and Sensei Toni Racca.
Country: Switzerland Switzerland